DSI Re MTA Endodontic Root Canal...
DSI Re MTA Endodontic Root Canal...
DSI Re MTA Endodontic Root Canal...
DSI Re MTA Endodontic Root Canal...

DSI Re MTA Endodontic Root Canal Filling Material 5g + 3ml


DSI 5 g powder in individual bags 3 ml liquid ReMTA

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Similar in application of MTA Angelus / ProRoot / Biodentine.

DSI ReMTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) is a root repair material for defects correction and retrograde filling.

DSI ReMTA provides predictable results and healing response that dentist experts know and trust.

DSI improved packaging reduces waste with convenient 0.5-gram pouches and corresponding liquid to mix just the right amount for single-patient use.

Made of fine hydrophilic particles that set in the presence of water, DSI ReMTA seals off pathways between the root canal system and surrounding tissues, significantly reducing bacterial migration.

Its excellent compatibility with the dentinal wall allows for a predictable clinical healing response. And its water-based chemistry permits normal setting in the presence of moisture.

DSI ReMTA has exceptional qualities and root repairs performed with our material gives predictable results, instilling practitioners with the added confidence of a positive outcome.


  • Treatment of perforations of root canal and furcation caused iatrogenically or by caries lesion
  • Via canal treatment of root perforation due to internal resorption
  • Surgical treatment of root perforation
  • Periapical surgery with reverse filling
  • Pulp Capping
  • Pulpotomy (removal of affected coronal pulp to preserve vitality of remaining pulp tissue)
  • Apexogenesis (induction of root development in vital teeth with an inflamed coronal pulp)
  • Apexification (induction of formation of a mineralized barrier at the root tip of young permanent teeth with incomplete root development and a necrotic pulp)

About the product

  • Main components of «ReMTA» material are calcium, silicon and aluminum oxides.
  • Standard powder to distilled water ratio is 3:1.
  • Obtained dough keeps its plasticity for 10-15 minutes at temperature 18-23 C and 50±10% humidity due to plasticiser introduced into powder.
  • The material begins to hard during 4 hours.
  • Total hardening time in the root canal is 24 hours.
  • The material comprises copper-calcium hydroxide, i.e. active bacteriostatic additive
Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
Cure Type
Self Cure
Cement Type
MTA (Mineral trioxide aggregate)
Mixing Type
Delivery Type
100 Items


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