DSI Re MTA Endodontic Sealer Root...
DSI Re MTA Endodontic Sealer Root...

DSI Re MTA Endodontic Sealer Root Canal Filling Material Paste 12g


DSI ReMTA Root Canal filling paste:

7.2 g base tube / 4.8 g catalyst tube

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DSI Dental ReMTA Endodontic Root Canal Repair Defect Filling Material In Tubes

DSI is dedicated to providing customers with innovative products, that are thought out down to the last detail.

DSI ReMTA is an MTA-based root canal filling paste that that represents an unrivaled combination of unbeatable quality, outstanding properties and ease of use.

The convenient paste to paste formula ensures a complete filling of the entire root canal, including accessory and lateral canals.

A hermetic, impervious seal is crucial for success and durability of any root canal procedure. DSI ReMTA creates a complete seal in which the MTA particles expand, preventing

microinfiltration. At the same time, MTA releases free calcium ions, thus accelerating the healing process by stimulating the regeneration of the adjacent tissues.

DSI ReMTA is an optimal endodontic sealer due to its outstanding physiochemical and bioactive properties.

The paste to paste presentation in tubes ensures the material is used in the most efficient and convenient way.


  • Superb sealing properties
  • High Radiopacity
  • Low solubility
  • High biocompatibility
  • Exceptional flow
  • Excellent antibacterial properties
  • Nonshrinking
  • Easy and comfortable handling with the paste:paste formula

About the product

  • Main components of DSI REMTA material are calcium, silicon and aluminum oxides.
  • Obtained dough keeps its plasticity for 4-8 hours at temperature 18-23 C and 50±10% humidity
  • The material hardens completely during 2 hours in the mouth temperature of 36-37c.
  • The material comprises copper-calcium hydroxide, i.e. active bacteriostatic additive
Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
Cure Type
Self Cure
Cement Type
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100 Items


* One of the leading dental companies in Israel.

* Advanced technological development.

* High medical standards manufacturing facilities.

* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

* Time tested products and breakthrough innovations in one company.

* Focus on successful partnership conditions.

* Commitment and loyalty to every customer needs 24/7.

* OEM and on-demand production services.

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