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DSI ApexSil Root Canal Sealant Set Powder/Liquid 20g + 10ml


DSI ApexSil Root Canal Sealant 20g Powder And 10ml Liquid

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DSI ApexSil Root Canal Sealant is a two constituent product of powder and liquid, which made of diepoxide, zirconium dioxide, amine reinforcing agents and softener.

DSI ApexSil Root Canal Sealant is an antibacterial, non-inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals.

By adding the reinforcing agent in the powder instead of the liquid, the mixing properties are improved.

This causes it to become a first-choice material in an extensive range of procedures- from temporary root filling to the complicated multiple infected root treatment.


  • Exceptional radio-opacity for straightforward detection
  • Excellent dimensional stability and low solubility for a sturdy, safe seal
  • Quality flow characteristics to flow into, and cover lateral canals
  • Biologically inactive
  • No staining of teeth
  • Thermoplastic capability makes it straightforward to get rid of
  • Well-matched with any filling technique
  • Exceptionally fast
  • Lasting obturation of root canals of teeth together with root canal points
  • It could be used with gutta-percha, silver and metal points.
Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
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