Wundersil Silicone Duplicating...
Wundersil Silicone Duplicating...
Wundersil Silicone Duplicating...

Wundersil Silicone Duplicating Impression Material Hard 2L


Wundersil Duplicating Silicone Set Base 1L + Catalyst 1L

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Wundersil Duplicating silicone is easy and ready to use the duplicating system with an added wetting agent. Wundersil extra hard was specially developed for flaskless duplicating in the dental laboratory. Wundersil extra hard has a low viscosity and excellent mechanical stability which allows trouble-free working during flaskless duplicating.

You can simply mix equal parts of Wundersil to fabricate the best negative forms that have lasting dimensional stability. Wundersil Duplicating silicone is designed for the most accurate duplication of master models.


  • Quick and clean
  • No messy activator
  • Easy to measure and mix
  • Exact detail reproduction
  • Tear resistant
  • Manually mixable
  • German quality

Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Mixing Type
Impression Materials Type
100 Items

Whether it is about the exact casting of dental alloys or about the accurate impression / duplication of dental situations or even the uncomplicated polishing or dental materials:

Feguramed has been helping dental technicians with their daily work for over three decades - with robust consumables suitable for everyday use:

Investments for partial dentures, crowns and bridges and pressed ceramics

Dental silicone: Duplicating silicone, kneading silicones and cartridge silicones

Dental alloys based on cobalt chromium and precious metals

Polishes for dental alloys, ceramics, denture plastics, etc.

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