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Muller-Omicron Alphasil Silicone Impression Material Kit


Muller-Omicron Alphasil Perfect Professional Kit Dental Impression Silicone

Alphasil Perfect Putty 900 ml jar of soft putty Flavour: Light Mint

Alphasil Perfect Light Wash 150ml tube of light bodied correction material

Activator Paste 60ml tube of activator paste

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Alphasil® PERFECT, a condensation curing polysiloxane, has offered the user precision, security and reliability in use and the end result.

The range covers all viscosities and is suitable for all impression techniques. The DBTL free activators, whether liquid or paste hardeners, are easy to dose and can

be mixed in sparingly, easily and controllably. The light mint flavour with all alphasil silicones rounds off the range. alphasil® PERFECT has provento be of best value in crown

and bridge dentistry, inlays, onlays, mucous membrane /function and situation impressions.

Working time with all materials: 1 min. 45 sec.

Time in mouth: 4 min.

Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Mixing Type
Impression Materials Type
Light Body
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Bundle Kit
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