DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...
DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal...

DSI Surgical C&L Sinus Kit Crestal And Lateral Approach


DSI Dental Implant C&L Crestal Lateral Approach Surgical Membrane Sinus 28 Pcs

  • 1 x Bone Packer
  • 3 x Sinus Curette
  • 1 x Plastic tube
  • 1 x Wrench Ratchet
  • 6 x Crestal-Stoppers
  • 5 x Lateral-Stoppers
  • 1 x Guide (Pilot) Drill
  • 3 x Reamers
  • 2 x CLS Aqua Lift
  • 1 x Handpiece extension tool & 1 x Ratchet extension tool
  • 1 x "LASC" Lateral approach side cutter
  • 1 x "LACD" Lateral approach core drill
  • 1 x "LASR" Lateral approach sinus reamer
  • 1 x Autoclavable Plastic Polymer Box 

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DSI C&L Sinus Kit is made with one important purpose. This kit erases all the unnecessary different tools that are used separately. With it, you can perform the crestal and lateral sinus procedure as one. It has all the most relevant instruments to give you peace of mind when you about to implement one of the toughest surgical procedures in the dental field.

DSI C&L Sinus Kit used to perform both a crestal and lateral sinus lift. This kit includes a series of lateral and crestal reamers that are specially designed to prevent damage to the sinus membrane. This is our go-to kit because it is both cost effective as well as performing predictably.

The Sinus Lateral Approach offers a solution for accessing the sinus via opening the lateral wall. The result is minimal flap size and a smaller window than conventional techniques. The Sinus Crestal Approach includes reamers to get to the cortical bone without tearing of the membrane and make a perforation on the inferior wall without malleting osteotome technique.

DSI S&L Sinus Kit made to deliver the best results without compromising the patient's comfort and healing process. All the tools are safe to use and do not harm in any way the sinus membrane. For example, the reamers built in a way that you cannot penetrate the inner membrane, and the lateral approach drills will not over-drill or overheat in the process.

If that is not enough the kit comes with a set of special stoppers for both crestal and lateral approaches which gives you another advantage for precision as never before.

DSI S&L Sinus Kit can and will get your practice to a completely different level of success. It is the ultimate solution for the best results.


  • Minimally invasive for both lateral and crestal approach
  • Precise and predictable results with minimal efforts.
  • Compact and complete, no need for additional tools or units.
  • Easy and intuitive to use. 
  • Safe for the patient will not harm the membrane and improve the healing process.
  • Reducing overall chair time thanks to the double approach
  • Made from the highest quality materials.


1x Bone Packer: Double-sided Ø1.0mm / Ø2.2mm for delivering and compressing the graft material.

3x Sinus Curette: Used in endoscopic sinus procedures to elevate the membrane and separate the Schneiderian membrane from the maxillary bone.

Yellow - TOLA2-01

Red - TOLA2-02

Blue - TOLA2-03

1x Plastic tube: Used for elevating the sinus membrane during the crestal approach using the saline solution.

1x Wrench Ratchet: Specially made ratchet that perfectly adapts to the tools, and can be used with any square Ø4.0mm instruments that you would like.

6x Crestal-Stoppers: To prevent excessive perforation with a crestal approach. Heights: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm. Color coded for more intuitive use.

5x Lateral-Stoppers: Engaged with lateral approach drills to secure the depth and avoid damaging the sinus membrane for safe results. Heights: 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm.

1x Guide (Pilot) Drill: Ø2.0mm This drill is commonly used to mark an accurate point before starting the drilling sequence.

3x Reamers: Used for perforation of the sinus interior wall during the crestal approach. The round end tip design allows it to elevate the sinus membrane without harming it. Comes with a 3 different diameters: Ø2.8mm, Ø3.3mm, Ø3.7mm

2x CLS Aqua Lift: designed to deliver the saline solution to the sinus membrane to elevate it without harm. Comes in 2 Diameters: Ø3.0mm, Ø3.5mm

1x Handpiece extension tool & 1x Ratchet extension tool Both need to approach to the hard to reach areas.

1x "LASC" Lateral approach side cutter: Used to trim and expand formed sinus lateral window. Made with a special diamond coating that prevents overheating, and removes the bone clearly and fast. Size: Ø7.0mm / L 29mm

1x "LACD" Lateral approach core drill This drill designed for safe perforation of the lateral wall. Size: Ø8.0mm / L 25mm

1x "LASR" Lateral approach sinus reamer The special shape allows safe perforation of the alveolar bone and drastically minimizing the potential damage to the sinus membrane. Size: Ø8.0mm / L 25mm

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Sinus Lifting
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