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Nail Pedicure Corundum Stone Ceramic Bit Drill Bur Cuticle Remove


1 Nail Pedicure Corundum Stone Ceramic Bit Drill Bur Cuticle Remove

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Our Ceramic Stone Burs are made of a high-grade corundum Stones are ceramic bound abrasives made of synthetically manufactured corundum material. The working parts are pressurized, ground into shape, and are then adhered to the stainless steel shaft. 

Although it is a ceramic stone our burs are very gentle and ductile, they can be used with full confidence on any nail surface.

Excellent for pedicures especially for nail technicians.

The stones are ideal for smoothing out unattractive nails, also for finishing natural nails before polishing. They can also be used to clean the cuticles, to remove the unwanted product, or to make the body of the nail matte in the preparation for the application of artificial nails. Our Ceramic Stones can be used to smoothen the nail surface, or to fine correction on skin and nails.


  • Reshape your nails
  • It also can be used to remove dead skin for fingernails and toenails.
  • For wiping nail gel away.
  • The base material for the shank production is stainless steel with nickel protective and decorative coating that provides outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • Easily wipes out the nail enhancements to prepare it for filing or shaping.
  • Can be used with a large variety of elements and materials: enamel, acrylic, ceramics, porcelain,  metal alloys, composite materials. 
Field of use
Nail Pedicure
Shank Type
Bur/Cutter Shape
Curvilinear Triangle
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