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Carbide Bone Shaping Surgical Lindemann Bur Drill Cutter Ø 1.5mm 1pcs


DSI Dental Bone Cutter Shaping Surgical Carbide Lindemann Bur 1 pcs

Flute Ø 1.5 mm

Length 29 mm

DSI Surgical Carbide Bone Cutting & Shaping Lindemann Bur 29mm Lenght Head Diameter Ø1.5mm

DSI Lindemann single piece carbide burs are specially adapted burs which designed for aggressive cutting of bone structure.

The crosscut shape and external flute depth ensures efficient cutting of hard tissue or bone tissue and expels waste material.

DSI Lindemann Surgical Burs are renowned for their strength, durability and advanced design features. They cover a range of applications from everyday dental surgery to implantology, traumatology as well as pre-maxillofacial surgery.

Specially adapted for working on the bone structure.

Latch-type Shank (RA)


  • Highly efficient 
  • Unique blade cutting angles
  • Debris removal facility
  • Renowned for their strength and durability
  • Advanced design features
  • Covers a range of applications


  • Osteotomy 
  • Apicoectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Hemisectomy
  • Preprosthetic Surgery
Field of use
Surgical Procedures
Carbide Cutter
Tungsten Carbide
Cut Type
Cross Cut
Bur/Cutter Shape
Surgical Bur Type
Bone Cutter
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