DSI Bone Cutting & Shaping Surgical...
DSI Bone Cutting & Shaping Surgical...
DSI Bone Cutting & Shaping Surgical...
DSI Bone Cutting & Shaping Surgical...
DSI Bone Cutting & Shaping Surgical...

DSI Bone Cutting & Shaping Surgical Round Cutter Bur


DSI Dental Bone Cutting & Shaping Surgical Round Cutter Burs Gold

Flute Ø 3.8mm

Length 30mm

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DSI Gold Edition Bone Cutting & Shaping 12 blade round Ball 30mm Lenght Head Diameter Ø3.8mm

DSI Gold Edition Burs are designed for effective and predictable cutting and shaping the bone structure, and for removing unwanted granulation tissue. These used to decorate the bone and demarcation at the ridge leveling. DSI Gold Edition Burs is the best solution to save your time and improve the bone leveling and granulation cleaning process. Best results at the 4 on 6 and 6 on 6 preparation at of the height level divergence, to perfectly adjust the following denture placement.

Thanks to the impeccable quality of the raw materials and the extensively accurate production of the burs, they have become the number one choice for the highest aesthetic results. 

DSI Gold Edition Burs are combining the features of a stainless steel high-quality shank and unique all over gold nanoparticle coating. DSI Gold Edition Burs are the most precision instruments, that provides the perfect balance for leveling and shaping the bone structure.

Latch-type Shank (RA)


  • Highest quality raw materials combined with uncompromised production technology
  • 24K nanoparticle gold coating 
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • unmatched durability and long lifespan of the bur
  • Special design for the perfect aesthetic results
  • Universal latch-type shank RA
Carbide Cutter
Tungsten Carbide
Cut Type
Cross Cut
Bur/Cutter Shape
Surgical Bur Type
Bone Cutter
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* One of the leading dental companies in Israel.

* Advanced technological development.

* High medical standards manufacturing facilities.

* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

* Time tested products and breakthrough innovations in one company.

* Focus on successful partnership conditions.

* Commitment and loyalty to every customer needs 24/7.

* OEM and on-demand production services.

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