DSI Plain Catgut Surgical Suture 12Pcs


DSI Plain Catgut

box of 12 individual packs of 75 cm / 30" suture with preinstalled 22 mm reverse cut 3/8 circle atraumatic needle

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DSI Plain Catgut suture is naturally degraded by the body's own proteolytic enzymes. DSI Plain Catgut is an absorbable suture made by twisting together strands of purified collagen taken from bovine intestines (free of BSE and aphthous fever).
The natural Plain Catgut thread is precision ground in order to achieve a multifilament character and treated with a glycerol-containing solution.
DSI Plain Catgut suture absorption is complete by 50 - 70 days and full tensile strength remain for two weeks. This eventual disintegration makes it good for use in rapidly healing tissues and in internal structures that cannot be re-access for suture removal.

• Great strength, tension maintained over the time.

• A natural material with minimal tissue reactivity.

• Exceptional for tissue closures.

• Flexible, easy to handle and tie.

• Excellent histocompatibility.

Field of use
Surgical Procedures
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