Composite Unidose Applicator...
Composite Unidose Applicator...

Composite Unidose Applicator Dispenser Gun Acupush Capsules


Composite Unidose Applicator Dispenser Gun Compules Acupush Capsules

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Compatible with most popular capsules like Kerr, 3M ESPE, VoCo, GC, DiaDent.

A completely new composite high-quality plastic polymer dispenser gun with ergonomically designed hand grip. 

This dispensing gun is used for extruding substances like sealants, bonding, composites and impression materials. This gun has a precision tip for easy and accurate distribution of product on and around the teeth.

It pre-activates the capsule and dispenses the material. The capsule applier is cold sterilized and easy to clean.

Multi-Use Dispenser - plastic syringe with a steel barrel. Compatible with most uni-dose tips. Ideal for all viscosity materials, the slot is designed for fast loading.

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