AHL Temporary Cavity Filling Material 8g

AHL Temporary Cavity Filling Material 8g


AHL Temporary Cavity Filling Material


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A ready to use temporary filling material with a synthetic resin base and

plaster filler. Provides an impermeable seal. Features a two-stage setting

mechanism to provide a rapid initial set followed by hardening of the plaster

filler. Available in standard and high viscosity versions.

Setting time – 15 minutes maximum.

• Temporary filling of cavities.

• Temporary sealing of inlay preparations.

• Temporary seal for medicaments.

• Temporary fixing of post crowns.

Field of use
Cavity Filling
Crown/Tooth Restorations
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100 Items
AHL committed to driving quality standards

In 1997, we launched our own brand of quality products called AHL Generic. As well as gaining CE marking, this gave AHL the opportunity to present our varied range of dental materials to a wider market. The same year, we gained ISO9001 accreditation and subsequently achieved the ISO13485 quality standard -  we were the first dental company in the UK to gain the ISO13485:2003 standard. AHL has gone from strength to strength, offering a fast and flexible service together with high quality products at competitive prices.

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