AHL Over The Counter Temporary Glue...
AHL Over The Counter Temporary Glue...
AHL Over The Counter Temporary Glue...

AHL Over The Counter Temporary Glue Cement Crown Bridge 7g


AHL Over The Counter Temporary Glue 7g

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An over the counter (OTC) temporary dental cement for emergency use

This FDA CE Approved Over-the-Counter Dental Cement is a perfect First Aid product for fillings and loose caps. It has been designed for emergency cases when access to a dentist is not available (for example whilst traveling).

 The cement has been developed for ease of use and to be easily removable by the dentist once professional help can be sought. The material conveniently sets in contact with saliva and is based upon a tried and tested formulation that has been in use by clinicians for many years.

Fillings, which are materials used to fill cavities in the teeth, and crowns, which slip over and cover the tops of damaged teeth, sometimes loosen and fall out. 

This is rarely an emergency, but it can be painful because the exposed tooth tissue is often sensitive to pressure, air or hot and cold temperatures. In some cases, a filling or crown may come loose because decay has developed underneath it. 

The decay can cause the tooth to change shape and as a result, the crown of filling no longer fits the tooth properly.

Instructions for use:

1. Using a pin or similar object remove as much as possible of the old, loose cement from inside the bridge or crown. Do not use undue force that may damage the crown. Clean the inside of the crown with warm water and soap or detergent and rinse it under running water.

2. Remove excess water with a cotton wool bud or tissue.

3. Clean the area in the mouth (tooth stump) where the crown is to be replaced. Rinse the mouth with water (do not dry the stump).

Apply a small amount of the cement around the inner edge of the crown or cap. Do not fill the crown. 

For bridges apply a small amount of the cement around the inner edge of each crown of the bridge.

4. Press the crown in place for 3 minutes. For bridges fit the bridge back in your mouth and firmly press down with your thumb and fingers. Then carefully bite into place. You will know when the crown or bridge is correctly re-seated as you can dose your teeth back together again comfortably  {If you are not satisfied with the fit, you have up to remove the bridge or crown and repeat the whole process again.

5. Remove all the excess cement from around the base of the crown. The setting of the cement takes approximately 15-20 minutes in contact with oral moisture. Do not chew for the next 3 hours.

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Crown/Tooth Restorations
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AHL committed to driving quality standards

In 1997, we launched our own brand of quality products called AHL Generic. As well as gaining CE marking, this gave AHL the opportunity to present our varied range of dental materials to a wider market. The same year, we gained ISO9001 accreditation and subsequently achieved the ISO13485 quality standard -  we were the first dental company in the UK to gain the ISO13485:2003 standard. AHL has gone from strength to strength, offering a fast and flexible service together with high quality products at competitive prices.

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