Pro Acryl Powder Self Curing Resin...

Pro Acryl Powder Self Curing Resin Crown & Bridge 100gr


Pro Acryl Powder Self Curing Resin Crown & Bridge 100gr

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Proacryl Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin is a self-curing methacrylate formulation, intended for use as both a short- and long-term temporary crown and bridge material This material is used to fabricate provisional restorations that restore function and esthetics during the period of construction of final restorations. 


  • Excellent compressive and flexural strength
  • Can be used in mix with other temporary crowns and bridges powders to make it extremely resistant
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Better marginal adaptation
  • The low exothermic polymerization reaction
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Aesthetic result
  • High stability of color and fluorescence
  • Easy polishing and finishing
  • Perfect appearance in any light
  • Excellent Price/Quality combination
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