Kormed Estekor Teeth Plaque Tartar Removal Polishing Paste Set


1 syringe with fine abrasive paste to soften and remove soft plaque (6 g);
1 syringe with coarse abrasive paste for dissolving tartar and plaque (6 g);
polishing discs (20 pcs of 10 mm, 20 pcs of 12 mm) ;
two sets of brushes (4 pcs);

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Estekor set is a ready-to-use solution for plaque and tartar removal, teeth polish and periodontitis prevention.

The kit includes all the necessary items for these procedures relieving you from the need for any additional elements.

Thus making the set easy to use and save your and your patients' time.

The kit includes two kinds of abrasive pastes.

The coarse abrasive paste is specially made for removing of stubborn stains and tartar, providing great cleaning.

The fine abrasive paste formula gently polishes the teeth, producing a shiny, smooth surface.

Both of the pastes are made only of natural ingredients, chitosan, with antibacterial properties, no preservatives.

The set also includes two types of discs of different thickness and two kinds of brushes for more convenient and precise cleaning.

This exclusive set is the perfect way to polish teeth safely and effectively

Field of use
Tooth Surface Cleaning
Delivery Type
100 Items

Company Kormed-P exists in the Russian market for more than 10 years. The main activity of the company is the production of consumable dental materials: matrix systems, grinding wheels, related accessories, as well as preventive and aesthetic means for therapy.

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