Impression Transfer Open Tray 13mm


Open Tray Transfer

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Open Tray Technique

Implant-level direct transfers for open-tray, pick-up impression technique

Designed to transfer the soft tissue profile as well as the implant’s position and hex orientation, Direct Transfers are held firmly within the open-tray impression as it is removed from the mouth. Therefore, the central transfer screw must be removed before the impression can be released from the mouth. This transfer procedure requires a custom tray or modified stock tray with screw access holes in the areas occlusal to the implants. The Implant Analog is connected to the transfer embedded within the impression, then the impression is poured in dental stone to fabricate a working cast containing a replica of the implant in the patient’s mouth.

Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Stainless Steel
Regular/Standard Ø3.75-4.2mm
Impression transfers
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