DSI Impression Angulated Transfer...
DSI Impression Angulated Transfer...
DSI Impression Angulated Transfer...

DSI Impression Angulated Transfer 15°/25°


DSI Angultrans


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DSI Has developed a whole brand new unique design impression angulated transfer that adapts to the angle axis correction.

DSI Angulated transfer Provides the greatest range of angulation correction and least lateral offset and can hold up a total of 30°/50° in a circular alignment across.

This transfer gives you the ability to accurate recording of implant location in every implant-supported prosthetics.

DSI angulated transfer is the best solution in cases where the implant angulation placement, which is inevitable in various clinical situations, could affect the impression accuracy. This transfer makes your work easier and more precise in difficult cases when the angle and the position of an implant inflict with an impression coping procedure. No more double work, when you need to make the impressions by turns because of their placement.

DSI gives you the best solution to be able of making your coping impression at once.

Thanks to the well known universal internal hex 2.42mm it is also a master compatible element to most known systems on the market like Zimmer, MIS, BioHorizon, Alpha Bio, Implant Direct etc'

Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Stainless Steel
Regular/Standard Ø3.75-4.2mm
Impression transfers
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* One of the leading dental companies in Israel.

* Advanced technological development.

* High medical standards manufacturing facilities.

* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

* Time tested products and breakthrough innovations in one company.

* Focus on successful partnership conditions.

* Commitment and loyalty to every customer needs 24/7.

* OEM and on-demand production services.

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