DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer...
DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer...
DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer...
DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer...
DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer...
DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer...
DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer...

DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer Abutment


DSI Angulated 15° Snap-on Transfer 1-4mm

Collar Height

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DSI Has developed a whole brand new unique design impression angulated transfer abutment that adapts to the angle axis correction. These angulated snap on transfer abutments are now also better complement the aesthetics of a dental implant restoration.

Most clinicians feel more comfortable using an angulated abutment in their procedures in an all different kind of areas(posterior or anterior) due to the increased masticatory forces present in the areas.

DSI angulated transfer abutment is the best solution in cases where the implant angulation placement, which is inevitable in various clinical situations, could affect the impression accuracy.

The use of angulated snap on transfer abutments facilitates paralleling non-aligned implants, thereby making prosthesis fabrication easier.

These abutments also can aid the clinician in avoiding anatomical structures when placing the implants.

DSI angulated snap on transfer abutment comes as anatomic collar low profile connection, different insertion angles and in varying gingival heights for surgical efficiency and exceptional aesthetic outcomes.

Low profile is designed with no sharp edges for a greater soft tissue healing Exceptional aesthetic results and reliability.

100% compatibility is assured using DSI implants in all connections types and platforms.

In addition, use of these abutments can reduce treatment time, costs and the need to perform guided bone regeneration procedures.

When used as a transfer it gives you the ability to accurately record an implant location in every implant-supported prosthetics.

Snap-On Impression Coping Abutment Designed to transfer the soft tissue profile as well as the implant’s position and hex orientation.

DSI Snap on transfer abutment used in closed tray impressions, pick-up impression technique. The cap stays in the impression coping in order to prevent further movement to give you much better accuracy, stability, and predictable results.

That method gives you exact place orientation without an additional working time.

The result is that you can make the impression right in the dentist cabinet without interfering the technician lab.

This straight snap on transfer abutment makes your work easier and more precise in difficult cases when the position of an implant inflict with an impression coping procedure.

DSI gives you the best solution to be able of making your coping impression at once. Thanks to the well known universal internal hex 2.42mm it is also a master compatible element to most known systems on the market like Zimmer, MIS, BioHorizon, Alpha Bio, Implant Direct etc' DSI straight snap on transfer abutment has a TiN (Titanium Nitrate) coating.

The TiN coating only modifies surface properties and has no effect on the substrate properties or biomechanical functionality.

The TiN coating has been also proven itself with improved friction and a higher surface scratch resistance.

Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Restoration Type
Stainless Steel
Regular/Standard Ø3.75-4.2mm
Impression transfers
100 Items


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* Advanced technological development.

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* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

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