DSI UltraSil VPS Light Body VPS Impression Material 100ml


DSI UltraSil Light Body, package of  2 Cartridge 50 ml

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DSI UltraSil impression material is a medium viscosity polyvinyl siloxane (VPS) material used for very accurate capturing of details in the mouth. has a great consistency that stays exactly where you put it without slumping when injected onto an occlusal surface. Ultra hydrophilic chemistry provides better results in wet oral environments and has a rapid setting time of 2 minutes 15 seconds.

DSI UltraSil is ideal for taking impressions of inlay, crown, bridge, and dentures. Used in a dual phase technique where the light body is placed onto the prepped tooth and soft tissues. Excellent flow characteristics under pressure for better surface coverage. Exceptional batch-to-batch consistency for predictable results every time.


  • Do not compress or flex upon mounting
  • Hydrophilic and thixotropic
  • Flows very easily without any bubbles
  • Dimensionally stable with the elastic recovery
  • Tear resistant
  • Precise detail reproduction
  • Multiple pour capability
  • Outstanding flow characteristics for excellent surface coverage
  • Superior precision and high-resolution detail reproduction
  • Dual port cartridge stops clogs and cross-contamination between base and catalyst
  • Easy handling and placement, Outstanding accuracy
  • Fast and easy to trim
Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Mixing Type
Impression Materials Type
Light Body
Vinyl Polysiloxane
Delivery Type
100 Items


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