Dentaurum Wax Model Casting Stick Rod...
Dentaurum Wax Model Casting Stick Rod...
Dentaurum Wax Model Casting Stick Rod...
Dentaurum Wax Model Casting Stick Rod...
Dentaurum Wax Model Casting Stick Rod...

Dentaurum Wax Model Casting Stick Rod Half Round 2.0x1.0mm 50gr


Dentaurum Wax Profile Model Casting Stick Rod Half Round 2.0x1.0mm 50gr

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Dentaurum wax products are used in the top ten world's dentist laboratories and considered to be a standard of quality and precision. This is literally the best material on the market nowadays, there are no equals in quality, predictability, usability,  accuracy and guaranteed exceptional aesthetic results.

Wax Profiles are designed for mandibular partial dentures and are made for easy and convenient results. These bars are exclusively made to ease up the procedure with a lingual area. Special form and length make them the ultimate solution. 

The material is completely free of artificial supplements. This is a purest and completely organic material, the best you can get.

The special wax formula ensures that the model will not lose the shape when it is removed. High definition accurate castings even for large-span work. Increased dimensional stability at room temperature ensures that the wax model can be safely removed when ready.

The main advantages of the Dentaurum's wax:

  • Absolutely purest raw material
  • Organic components only
  • Most effectively composed properties for press acrylic material
  • Immediate recognition of secondary contamination
  • Finest filtration of the raw material used
  • Protected against contamination by an acrylic coping
  • Non-sticky 
  • has great retention qualities, yet will not crack or break
  • Easy, stress-free adaption due to the best wax quality
  • High-pressure stability prevents distortion to shape or structure
  • High-quality surface structure for optimal casting results
  • Ideal for lingual retention, even in limited space
  • Excellent adhesion and exceptional complying to any of your needs

Lot is for 1 package of 50g

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The Dentaurum Group develops, manufactures and sells products for dentists and dental technicians worldwide. The variety of products for dental technology, orthodontics and implantology is unique in the world of dentistry. The wide range of products and their excellent reliability and quality along with our investments in innovative technologies will continue to maintain the leading position of Dentaurum against the global competition. Our exceptional customer service will also continue to be a significant factor in our continuing success.

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