DSI Unilite Endo Endodontic Non Vital...
DSI Unilite Endo Endodontic Non Vital...
DSI Unilite Endo Endodontic Non Vital...
DSI Unilite Endo Endodontic Non Vital...

DSI Unilite Endo Endodontic Non Vital Bleaching Whitening Paste 1.5g


DSI Unilite Endo Endodontic Non-Vital Bleaching Whitening Paste 1.5g For Discolored Teeth, and Black Spots

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DSI UniLite Endo 60% Carbamide Peroxide bleaching material in the specially formulated whitening gel. It designed for intracanal and intracoronary bleaching of pulpless teeth. This unique paste based on the most gentle whitening component - Carbamide Peroxide 60% (equal to approx. 22% of hydrogen peroxide). 

Not just whitening but also has a strong bactericidal effect.

The main scope of using the DSI UniLite Endo is to whiten endodontically treated, discolored teeth by "walk-in bleach" technique.

Once delivered to the pulp chamber,  DSI UniLite Endo is then sealed with temporary cement and left in the tooth for 3-5 days until the desired whitening effect is achieved.


  • Discoloration of the teeth after root endodontic procedure.
  • Internal tooth discoloration caused by the disease.
  • Internal blood stains as a result of tooth injury.
  • Teeth color shift after medical treatment.


  • Complete whitening of black spots after endodontic treatment
  • Fit perfectly for internally discolored teeth caused by injury or disease.
  • Safe to use bleaching gel, have a soft consistency
  • Additional bactericide effect
Field of use
Root Canal Treatment
Tooth Whitening
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