Morelli Heat-Activated Thermo Plus...
Morelli Heat-Activated Thermo Plus...
Morelli Heat-Activated Thermo Plus...
Morelli Heat-Activated Thermo Plus...

Morelli Heat-Activated Thermo Plus Archwire NiTi Rectangular


Morelli Orthodontic Heat-Activated Premium Thermo Plus Archwire NiTi Rectangular 10 Wires

  • Rectangular 0.016"x0.016" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.016"x0.022" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.017"x0.025" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.018"x0.025" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.019"x0.025" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.021"x0.025" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.016"x0.016" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.016"x0.022" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.017"x0.025" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.018"x0.025" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.019"x0.025" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.021"x0.025" Upper

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Morelli NiTi Thermal Plus offers an extremely low force level. Its constant force application enables a continuous therapeutic effect with high patient comfort. Easy to ligate, the NiTi Thermal Plus provides an excellent thermal capacity and temperature sensitivity. 

The thermally activated NiTi archwires present great variability in the TTR and the elastic parameters of each NiTi archwire should be provided by the manufacturers, to allow achievement of the best clinical performance possible.

Thermally activated NiTi archwires were designed for orthodontics to allow identification of archwires with the best clinical performance. The AF is particularly important since it indicates the temperature in which the material will entirely return to the original shape and consequently acquire greater rigidity.

With its TTR close-to-mouth temperature, is soft at room temperature to facilitate engagement. It falls within a very efficient force range when used in the larger round or all rectangular sizes.

Initial deflection force is lower with Ni-Ti Thermo plus, making it easier to engage severely malposed teeth.

As the wire springs back, more-consistent forces are maintained.

Your patient can release the pressure of the wires by simply adding cold water. 

Thermo plus Ni-Ti has the shape memory effect:

The shape memory effect allows the alloy to return to its previous shape, recovering from large strains through heating. 

The formation of directional and strong interatomic bonds are responsible to pull back the displaced structures to their previous positions.

Archwire shape is natural and it crosses reference for:

  • Ormco® - Tru-Arch1 
  • 3M Unitek® - Ortho Form2 II 
  • American® Orthodontics - Form I3


  • Provide the optimal force required to begin unraveling severe malocclusions
  • Exhibit a more constant force/deformation relationship, providing superior consistency from archwire to archwire
  • Demonstrate consistent transformation temperatures that ensure consistency of force from batch to batch
  • When it reaches the temperature of the oral environment (above 27°C), it acquires shape memory that generates orthodontic forces for dental movement

10 wires in a package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Nickel Titanium
Archwire Type
Wire Type
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Pioneer in the manufacture and sales leader in orthodontic products in Brazil, Morelli is a reference in the dental market. Morelli products have transformed millions of smiles in Brazil and in more than 30 countries.

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