Morelli Aesthetic Super Elastic...
Morelli Aesthetic Super Elastic...
Morelli Aesthetic Super Elastic...
Morelli Aesthetic Super Elastic...

Morelli Aesthetic Super Elastic Archwire NiTi Round


Morelli Orthodontic Aesthetic Super Elastic Premium Archwire NiTi Round 5 Wires

  • Round 0.012" Lower
  • Round 0.014" Lower
  • Round 0.016" Lower
  • Round 0.018" Lower
  • Round 0.012" Upper
  • Round 0.014" Upper
  • Round 0.016" Upper
  • Round 0.018" Upper

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Morelli Intraoral Aesthetic Archwire is a component of the orthodontic appliance, intended to transmit clinical forces generated by the integration between the archwire and the brackets, promoting the movement of the teeth. The Archwire is set in the slot of brackets, tubes or other orthodontic accessories, correcting the teeth’s position during dental treatment, through the teeth misalignment.

An orthodontic archwire is a wire conforming to the dental arch that can be used with dental braces as a source of force in correcting irregularities in the position of the teeth. An archwire can also be used to maintain existing dental positions.


  • Morelli Latest-generation epoxy resin polymer helping improve sliding over the bracket and preventing breakage in the target. It is now possible to have more aesthetic orthodontic treatment. Especially when dealing with orthodontics in adults, the use of aesthetic archwires allows a very attractive option without compromising the technique or the results. 
  • The epoxy resin polymer has a great advantage and this genuine coating has a resistance to any discoloration, and it is resistant for cracks and any kind of deformation to the whole period of the treatment. 


  • Low recovery forces for gentle movement
  • full shape recovery with less distortion
  • durable and attractive epoxy coating

Morelli orthodontic archwires are fabricated from a nickel-titanium alloy (NiTi).

Morelli NiTi wires are known to have another unique property known as Superelasticity. It is the "rubber-like".

5 wires in a package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Nickel Titanium
Archwire Type
Aesthetic Super Elastic
Wire Type
100 Items

Pioneer in the manufacture and sales leader in orthodontic products in Brazil, Morelli is a reference in the dental market. Morelli products have transformed millions of smiles in Brazil and in more than 30 countries.

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