OrthoQuest Nano Coated Archwires

OrthoQuest Nano Coated Archwires


OrthoQuest OrthoQuest Nano-Coated Archwires Round/Square 10 Wires

  • Round 0.012" Lower
  • Round 0.014" Lower
  • Round 0.016" Lower
  • Round 0.018" Lower
  • Round 0.012" Upper
  • Round 0.014" Upper
  • Round 0.016" Upper
  • Round 0.018" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.016"x0.022" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.017"x0.025" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.018"x0.025" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.019"x0.025" Lower
  • Rectangular 0.016"x0.022" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.017"x0.025" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.018"x0.025" Upper
  • Rectangular 0.019"x0.025" Upper

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• First tooth-colored archwires that remain constantly white and

therefore enable long-term aesthetic treatment.

• Provide maximum intraoral comfort for the patient as the white coating

covers super-elastic NiTi archwires.

• Ensure gentle forces and quick treatment due to their extremely low

force level.

10 wires in a package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Stainless Steel
Archwire Type
Nano Coated
Super Elastic
Wire Type
100 Items

OrthoQuest is a private label manufacturer and distributor of professional orthodontic products around the world. The company manufacturers the Accent Ceramic Bracket line and the Quest Dry Field System. We also produce and distribute a number of other products allowing us to offer a complete line of orthodontic products.

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