Dentaurum Straight Triple-Strand...
Dentaurum Straight Triple-Strand...
Dentaurum Straight Triple-Strand...

Dentaurum Straight Triple-Strand Twisted Wire


Dentaurum 10 pcs Straight Triple-Strand Twisted Wire Stainless Steel

Ø.018" 0.45mm

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Dentaurum Dentaflex Dental Intraoral Orthodontic Straight Triple-Strand Twisted Wire Stainless Steel  Ø.018" (0.45mm) Length 15" (380mm)

Dentaurum products are used in the top 10 world dentist laboratories and considered to be a standard of quality and precision.

Dentaurum Dentaflex Stainless Steel wires are made from the highest quality vacuum-remelted 304V stainless steel alloy. 

This ensures a pure, inclusion-free wire, with superior tensile strength and less brittleness.

Triple stranded twist wire accepts greater deflection before elastic limit is reached. 

Super spring hard temper for gentle leveling during early treated stages. 

Ends will not fray when cut. 

Polished finish. 

Because of the high elasticity and softness, it is the perfect wires to be used for a retainer.  

Lingual fixed retainers can minimize unwanted changes in the position of teeth.

They have better form ability and can be readily used to be soldered and welded for fabrication of complex orthodontic appliances. 

The stainless steel alloys are of "18-8" austenitic type which contain 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. 

Chromium in this stainless steel alloy forms a thin oxide layer which blocks the diffusion of oxygen into the alloy and allow for the corrosion resistance of this alloy.  

All dimensions are closely monitored with state-of-the-art laser micrometers to ensure consistent and accurate tolerances. Strict corner-radius controls ensure optimal wire-to-bracket interaction. 

All wires are carefully stress relieved and polished to reduce breakage and excess friction.


  • Accurate placement and consistent shape of our loops ensure superior results.
  • Medical grade 304V stainless steel wire
  • Bright, smooth, flat surfaces
  • Use in sliding mechanics for extraction space closure and in non-extraction Class II cases
  • Use with elastics or closed coil springs
  • Forged from highest quality medical grade steel
  • Stainless steel wires are provokes by a tensile backward strength and can be used for a jaw widening 
  • Stress relieved for superior tensile strength with less brittleness

10 wires in a package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Stainless Steel
Wire Type
Stick Wires
100 Items

The Dentaurum Group develops, manufactures and sells products for dentists and dental technicians worldwide. The variety of products for dental technology, orthodontics and implantology is unique in the world of dentistry. The wide range of products and their excellent reliability and quality along with our investments in innovative technologies will continue to maintain the leading position of Dentaurum against the global competition. Our exceptional customer service will also continue to be a significant factor in our continuing success.

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