OrthoQuest Coated PreCut Ligature Wire
OrthoQuest Coated PreCut Ligature Wire
OrthoQuest Coated PreCut Ligature Wire

OrthoQuest Coated PreCut Ligature Wire


OrthoQuest S/S Preformed Aesthetic White Coated PreCut Ligature Wire Short Tie 100pcs Pack

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Using an Coated Ligature Wire with Ceramic/Composite Braces provides best possible aesthetic result - while elastic transparent ligatures are suffer from fading and color lost (yellowish blend) due to interoral acids after just couple of weeks.

The Shorty Ligature twists are preferred by some operators since they may be placed and tightened with only one hand. 

The short end tends to irritate the patient's lips and cheeks before cutting the pigtail, so fewer may be placed at one time. 

The shorty twist wire is not quite as strong as the preformed .010 steel ligatures, so some dentists feel that a looser tie results. 

Placement of ligatures in the bicuspid and molar areas is significantly easier with the shorty system. 

Package includes 100 special almond tooth-color coated short twist ligatures

size .012 (.010+coating)

made in USA

100 ligature wires per package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Stainless Steel
Wire Type
Ligature Wires
100 Items

OrthoQuest is a private label manufacturer and distributor of professional orthodontic products around the world. The company manufacturers the Accent Ceramic Bracket line and the Quest Dry Field System. We also produce and distribute a number of other products allowing us to offer a complete line of orthodontic products.

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