OrthoQuest Pre-cut Long Kobayashi...
OrthoQuest Pre-cut Long Kobayashi...
OrthoQuest Pre-cut Long Kobayashi...

OrthoQuest Pre-cut Long Kobayashi Ties Hooks


Orthoquest S/S 012 Kobayashi Tie Koby Hook Orthodontic Wire 100pcs Pack

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OrthoQuest S/S 012 Koby Hook Wires

OrthoQuest Koby Hook Wires are reliable, easy to use, strong yet flexible. The patients will definitely appreciate the speed and ease of placement.  

OrthoQuest Koby Hook Wire can be twisted effortlessly as it is made of dead-soft medical-grade stainless steel.

OrthoQuest Koby Hook Wires provide an auxiliary hook which can be added to any bracket just by tying in the archwire. The strong and durable hook is spot-welded and can be easily adapted to up or down usage. 


Preformed strong hook to speed placement

Spot welded to form a secure hook

Allows for quick attachment of springs

Perfect solution for elastic attachment

Made of high-quality medical-grade stainless steel

100 ligature wires per package

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Stainless Steel
100 Items

OrthoQuest is a private label manufacturer and distributor of professional orthodontic products around the world. The company manufacturers the Accent Ceramic Bracket line and the Quest Dry Field System. We also produce and distribute a number of other products allowing us to offer a complete line of orthodontic products.

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