Dentaurum Rematain Flat 6 Strand...
Dentaurum Rematain Flat 6 Strand...
Dentaurum Rematain Flat 6 Strand...
Dentaurum Rematain Flat 6 Strand...

Dentaurum Rematain Flat 6 Strand Braided Retainer Wire


Dentaurum Rematain Flat 6 Strand Braided Stainless Steel Wire Length 5.9" (150mm) 1 Plastic Pack Of 10 Stainless Steel 6 Strand Braided Wires Length 5.9" (150mm)

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Dentaurum Rematain Dental Orthodontic Flat 6 Strand Braided Retainer Wire 150mm

Dentaurum products are used in the top 10 world dentist laboratories and dentist offices and considered to be a standard of quality and precision.

Dentaurum Rematain Flat is used to make permanent fixed lingual retainers following orthodontic treatment. 

The braided retainer wire features a very thin rectangular wire that can be adapted with no occlusal interference while ensuring patient comfort. It prevents inadvertent tooth movement associated with active force wires. This 6 strand, stainless steel, braided retainer wire is annealed or “dead soft” so that it can be easily formed and holds bends to make bondable lingual retainers. 

Dentaurum Rematain Flat could be used right away in the dentist office on the patient's teeth and there is no need for additional laboratory adjustments or precautions. 

Dentaurum Rematain Flat only 0.25 mm flat wire, 6 strands braided and made of the highest quality stainless steel! Thanks to the length of 150mm the wire can be cut up to at least 3 pieces, which will give you more economy of the material.

The only half as thick version compared to conventional Retainer wires, the rectangular cross-section stranding allow safe retention with less adhesive. 

Nothing can secure the teeth positioning after the orthodontic treatment better than the Dentaurum Rematain Flat.

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The Dentaurum Group develops, manufactures and sells products for dentists and dental technicians worldwide. The variety of products for dental technology, orthodontics and implantology is unique in the world of dentistry. The wide range of products and their excellent reliability and quality along with our investments in innovative technologies will continue to maintain the leading position of Dentaurum against the global competition. Our exceptional customer service will also continue to be a significant factor in our continuing success.

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