RS-Dent Zinc-Oxide Eugenol Impression...
RS-Dent Zinc-Oxide Eugenol Impression...

RS-Dent Zinc-Oxide Eugenol Impression Material 165g + 60g


RS-DENT Impression Paste Material Set Base 165gr +Catalyst 60gr

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It is a two-part impression system consisting of a eugenol catalyst pasteand a zinc oxide base paste component. When mixed together in equal proportions they produce a self-

curing material suitable for taking dental impressions. The contrasting colors of the two pastes give a clear indication when a homogenous mix has been achieved.

• A non-elastic irreversible impression material used for relining partial or complete dentures.

• Brand new formula supplied as a base paste containing zinc oxide, olive oil, linseed oil, zinc acetate, and a trace of water and The catalyst paste containing eugenol, filler,

accelerator, gum rosin, and oils.

• The trace of water initiates the reaction and the zinc acetate speeds up the setting process.

• The mixed material aligns perfectly to all denture bases.

• Has a great rigidity to prevent distortion of the impression borders.

• Has high accuracy of surface detail and dimensional stability.

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Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
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Zinc-Oxide Eugenol
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